Date:           Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Speaker:    Riccardo DeSalvo, Dr. Physics, Cal. State University, Los Angeles, CA.

Topic:        Astrophysics Learning from the Detection of Gravitational Waves


We often said that the detection of gravitational waves would open a new window on the Universe.  Well, it was more surprising than expected.  I will illustrate the latest events found in the data, give you a glimpse of the strange things that we see through that window, and attempt an early summary of some astrophysical implications.  In the introduction I will discuss how ground vibrations could be attenuated a million-million times to bring the test masses to be quieter than the 10-18 m Gravitational Wave signal.


Dave-Black Hole Merger Simulation v2 Poster Frame.jpg


Dr. DeSalvo is a Senior Resident Scientist at Cal. State LA College of Natural and Social Sciences.  He is a lifetime instrument maker, starting from the laser of his thesis in Pisa, then for 15 years in High Energy Physics (CERN and Cornell Lab for Nuclear Studies), finally 25 years on Gravitational Waves working on mechanical design of GW detectors (Virgo, TAMA, KAGRA and parts of LIGO), initially on seismic isolation, then on dissipation mechanisms and thermal noise in dielectric coating mirrors, the limiting factor of GW detection. Presently, he makes a living developing sensors for FB, and working on coatings and GW developments as a personal hobby, working with 3-4 students.



Time:        7:00-7:30 pm        Coffee and Refreshments

                  7:30-8:30 pm        Meeting

                  8:30-9:00 pm        Coffee and Discussion


Place:       Veneklasen Associates

                  1711 16th Street

                  Santa Monica, CA 90404


                  Directions to Veneklasen Associates are given below.

Directions to Veneklasen Associates.


For attendees with smart phones, it would be best to input Veneklasen Associates address into whichever map/ directions application they commonly use.


For others: Veneklasen Associates offices are accessible off the I-10W Highway via the Cloverfield Boulevard exit. From the I-10W exit ramp, make a right turn onto Cloverfield, followed by a left turn on Olympic Boulevard. Veneklasen Associates are located off of Olympic Boulevard, between 16th and 17th Street. Most likely, attendees will need to make a u-turn on Olympic at 14th Street to access the office buildings. Some defining landmarks near the offices are the Buffalo Club (a bar) and Frank’s BMW. Street parking is the best bet, and is free after 6pm.


Alternatively, the offices are one block from the 17th Street/ SMC Expo Line Metro Station. This should amount to less than a 10-minute walk. If people would like rides back to the train station after the meeting, this can be arranged.